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Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the new educational portal
Unlike the other web sites in this field we are not just another guidebook but a live hub of the latest news in the world of education. That is what makes our web site more populated and attractive. We
are a very dynamic and pragmatic media. is designed to meet the preferences of the demanding student community. A great deal of our readers are foreigners who want to study in Bulgaria. Amongst our users are also Bulgarians who are studying or successfully working abroad.
The articles that we publish are practical and that provides us with a unique place on the internet.
We are cooperating with schools, colleges, universities in Bulgaria and abroad. We are also working closely with different foundations and companies that offer education and jobs around the world.
We pay special attention to the trends in carrier development. However the theme of our web site is diversified by special features such as Free Time, Technologies, Sport and Lifestyle. In those
categories you will find useful suggestions regarding a number of places, goods and services. is a designed not only for youngsters but for parents as well. Surveys show that studying abroad is an option considered by many highly-educated and well to do families. This makes advertising in a lucrative investment.

We offer flexible ways of online representation, consistent with our clients’ desires. Advertising at will guarantee a positive effect on you and your business.

Best wishes
Evelina Gecheva
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