138th Anniversary of Vasil Levski’s heroic death

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138th Anniversary of Vasil Levski’s heroic death

138 years after Vasil Levski’s death mystery about where is he buried remains unclear. Just before the 138th anniversary, however, brawls between whose assumptions are right come into court.

Foundation to fight crime St. Michael brought a claim in the Sofia District Court. The president of the foundation Bogdan Krastev said that the court must rule by arguing that Vasil Levski was buried in the church „Sveta Petka Samardjiiska“ in Sofia. However, if the court refuses to rule on the case, it would be brought before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Commission.

Over three years, the Ministry of Culture refused to be carried out examination of the bones of Aposotla. Through them it will be known for sure if they belong to Vasil Levski, and that will prove that he is buried in the Church of St. Petka Samardjiiska. The request is his grave to be restored. The court should be appoint forensic biological expertise to compare the DNA of the hair of Levski, which are kept in the Museum of Military History with the DNA of concrete bones of Levski, in order to determine whether they belong to the same person.

Currently, scientists are divided into two – those who accept that Levski was buried in the Church of St. Petka Samardjiiska and those who argue that this is an absolute lie. The Holy Synod also denies these claims and is adamant that it was “supposed tomb of the Apostle of Freedom”.

Desislava Nedyalkova

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