Maastricht University celebrates the Hindu Holi Spring Festival

22 март, 2011 19:37 | English | Няма коментари

Maastricht University celebrates the Hindu Holi Spring Festival

The Holi Festival is an immensely popular feast of colours, celebrated by millions of Indians across the globe to welcome the arrival of spring.
Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month, which fell this year on March 19. The group of Indian students in Maastricht started preparing for the festival two weeks in advance, gathering ingredients for a traditional lunch and the special coloured powders for the joyful game of colours they had planned to play later in the afternoon.
A special guest of the event was Mr Dr VG Kumar, the executive director of the Maastricht Education & Research Centre in Bangalore, India, who was visiting Maastricht.
The students had been busy in the kitchen of Tafelstraat 13 since early in the morning and said they had enjoyed cooking together, because it had brought them even closer to one another.

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