The Weeks of Germany in Bulgaria

11 март, 2011 16:11 | English | 2 коментара

The Weeks of Germany in Bulgaria

120 Bears made of fiber-glass will be guests in the capital within the Weeks of Germany in Bulgaria 2011 „Faces of Germany“. They will be held between 3rd and 19th April for the first time in Bulgaria on such a scale. The program was presented at the German Embassy by Ambassador Matthias Hyopfner, Victoria Liezer, Head of Culture and Media Relations etc. During that period other events will be held in Sofia, Plovdiv and other towns in Bulgaria.

Under the motto „The Faces of Germany“ within the Weeks of Germany in Bulgaria in 2011 will provide a modern and comprehensive image of Germany in terms of culture, economy and politics. Central aspects of this will be the multicultural and tolerant society of Germany, the urbanization of the capital Berlin.

For the official opening of the exhibition organizers have chosen the United Buddy Bear „Art of Tolerance“ which carries the message of peaceful coexistence of different cultures. Citizens and guests of Sofia may consider sympathetic bears, each of which is painted and symbolizes a different country. The exhibition involves a Bulgarian bear, too.

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  1. Kina Nedialkova коментира на 12 март, 2011 г., 09:07 ч.

    Verry good !Wait so long to come those days. Longstanding business relationships between the Bulgarian and German companies, it is time to bear fruit.

  2. Tereza Nedialkova коментира на 14 март, 2011 г., 08:08 ч.

    I want more news in English !