Over 20 000 children recite „I am Bulgarian“ in chorus with Akademika BG

31 май, 2011 18:22 | English | 3 коментара

Over 20 000 children recite „I am Bulgarian“ in chorus with Akademika BG

Over 20 000 children will simultaneously recite the poem „I am Bulgarian“ by Ivan Vazov on June 1, 2011 at 10:00 am. The idea of this unique event is an initiative of the educational portal Akademika BG. The intention of the organizators is this event to become a tradition in Bulgarian.

Until now students from 78 cities and 42 villages have applied for participation. Bulgarian schools abroad will join, too. Patron of the event is the President of Bulgaria – Georgi Parvanov, a major media partner is the Bulgarian National Radio.

On the morning of June 1, children will be collected in school yards, parks, libraries and public squares.
At the initiative of Ackademika BG includes 130 schools and 33 kindergartens.

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  1. Jack Cristofsen коментира на 23 юни, 2011 г., 12:15 ч.

    Incredibly, unique and unforgettable! I wish you have many more events like this. This creates a good impression of your country. Here everyone talks about you and be happy. We see that Bulgaria is a pleasant and modern country thanks to your work! Keep more and more people like us will want to visit your small but beautiful country!

    Jack Cristofsen
    Utrecht, Netherlands

  2. Timoty Anderson коментира на 23 юни, 2011 г., 12:22 ч.

    I’m founded :)

    I am Bulgarian
    by Ivan Vazov

    I am Bulgarian and strong
    Bulgarian mother has born me
    beauties and goods so many
    make my native land so dear.

    I am Bulgarian and love
    our mountains so green,
    to be called Bulgarian
    is the greatest joy for me.

    I am free Bulgarian
    in place of liberty I live
    everything native Bulgarian
    I cherish, observe and adore.

    I am Bulgarian and grow
    in days so great in time of glory
    I am son of land so wonderful
    I am son of tribe of courage.

    Verry inspiritual and inspirational!
    Be happy!

  3. Стресирана коментира на 23 юни, 2011 г., 12:56 ч.

    It would be interesting to make such a recitation of a poem, relating to education and access to all languages ??with the same sense, just translated. Here’s an idea! :)