I’m a Bulgarian recited by over 25 000 children

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I’m a Bulgarian recited by over 25 000 children

On 1st of June 2011, exactly at 10.00 a.m. at Tzarevets of Veliko Tarnovo and dozens of other iconic locations and hundreds of cities in Bulgaria recited „I am a Bulgarian.“ Total 24 497 children took part in the initiative of Akademika BG for reciting the favorite poem. Ivo Atanasov, the secretary of the President Georgi Parvanov, read greetings on behalf of the President, who was the patron of the event.

„Today’s event, which I am honored to be the patron of, is without precedent in our history. Thanks to it, this children’s celebration is colored in the colors of Bulgaria. I am convinced that at this moment every Bulgarian child feels not only a citizen of the world, but also of their homeland. Reciting, he knows that his peers pronounce the same words at the same time. This certainly gives a sense of belonging to a community of common roots, to the Bulgarian nation, “ was said in greeting.

The poem was recited at peak Musala, Rila mountain. Nikola Ivanov Ladjov along with 3 children and 5 grandchildren, dressed in folk costumes, recited along with all of Bulgaria’s favorite poem.

At the initiative of the Akademika BG 152 schools participated and 40 kindergartens from 83 towns and 45 villages.

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