About Akademika BG

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About Akademika BG

Web publishing company Akademika BG has developed several web sites that have visitors from various age groups.

Akademika.bg, our leader, enjoys popularity amongst great many people, who are interested in the topics of education, science, business.

In addition onlinematura.com supplies with information the 12 graders regarding the school-leaving examination.

Tonus.bg comes as a nice leisure getaway from everyday life. Its motto is “Live for pleasure” and the site covers the topics of health, travel and leisure activities.

Our brand new studentcity.bg is with a narrower scope which targets the university students in Bulgaria.

Through the years our motto has always been that positive thinking is a winning concept – in our everyday activities, our business, on all levels of communication.

Akademika BG Ltd. has created an educational center “Prized pupil”, which offers one-on-one consultations concerning the school leaving exams, college and university applications and career orientation.

Social responsibility

Each year, through its training programme, Akademika BG contributes to the development and further orientation of the young people. As a result of the last programme, came the publishing of the book “Let’s cook some news”. It received very good media coverage and was endorsed by the critics. In 2011, the trainees and our team prepared a „Best media title” list.

Our national campaigns “Be literate” and the simultaneous reciting of the kids’ favourite poem – “I am a Bulgarian” on June 1st , achieved great success and media coverage and now are greatly appreciated by the government and people of all ages.

Our brand new initiatives “The green Olympics” and “Bulgarian legends” are welcomed with interest.

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