Moore`s main message

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Moore`s main message,
by Diana Sariyska, UNWE

Evictions, Condo vultures, Juvenile homes, Airline issues, Low-paid workers, Profiting out of employee deaths…that is a mere part of the outcome of the high and mighty “Holy Capitalism”. That is the state to which those Great States of America have reached during the rain of the capital system. The spread of the power-driven mania has led to the creation of a circle of greedy and non-humanitarian creatures, who can in no way be acclaimed people or human beings, thus the destruction they perform, the corruption they inspire as a means of well-being…mainly for the Upper-class, has proven beneficial for the little as 1% of the Wealthy Americans. This policy has eliminated the clear distinguishment between poor, middle-class and wealthy.

Nowadays there are no middle-class workers.

They have been successfully manipulated into “refinancing” their estates by paying unjust mortgages with unreasonable interest rate terms – invisible to the naked (untrained) eye in the “market” functions. Such frauds have left many people homeless, practically kicked out on the streets and absolutely no one cares about their future destiny as the world continues to revolve around the “Powerful Ones” for whom a double standard policy is at hand.

Michael Moore interviews in his film Bob Fineberg, who has managed the VIP mortgage loans of Countrywide. Instructions to introduce lower or to wave out taxes for certain people have been made to him and he simply…obeyed?! Is that Normal? How can a person working for a company that is technically stealing the property out of the hands of the hard-working people (the middle-class) part of which, assumingly does Bob belong to, can perform such a ill-hearted deal. What if he was at the other end of the straw? Would he like his home taken away from him? Would he not wish justice or punishment for the ones that have tricked him?

Bill Black – is a different story. That is the name of a man deserving respect. He is the bank regulator responsible for the uncovering of the “Savings and loan scandal” in 1980s for which reason he was to be dealt with under Charles Keeting`s instructions (one of the leading figures of the scandal) He also implies that having the ‘wrong’ people in government can be thoroughly justified especially by those to whom those people are actually the ‘good ones’. They pull the strings in such a way that favours those in power. That is the way to help them become rich and rob even further society`s financial reserves but chivalrously so that people believe that is the right way to execute under the presented conditions.

Similar to the mortgage Profit scheme is the situation with the unjust verdicts of all those students from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania received only for the financial benefits at hand. They were not priory sent to those facilities in order to be rediciplined but to become a major tool for profits. The interesting comparison made in the movie – between the salaries of airplane pilots and bread makers, makes me reconsider the air travelling. I too wish the pilot is adequately paid and the technical equipment to have passed the necessary check-ups, so that I could feel save and reassured that an accident shall not happen.

The possibility of a future employer of mine to benefit from my death is purely outrageous. I am in no physical way connected with a particular organization that would mourn for my demise. I believe that only family members could receive any kind of collateral out of an insurance under my name. It is immoral and unethical to benefit upon ones grief.

Unfortunately the idea of prosperity has generally become a Dream for all individuals. Gradually people have become obsessed with their personal well-being and become indifferent towards the masses` situation. They have been mesmerized by the ability at hand to compete with every single person and keep every little profit to themselves, rather to share. They were now stimulated and encouraged that by working hard they could eventually enter that small group of people consisting of the 1% of the most Wealthy Americans.

Is that truly possible? Could it be that easy to enter that closed circle?

Probably not.

Especially without the support of major figures of business or government power. After all a plutonomy, as a Citygroup report has described the current political status of the US, is only ruled by the richest and most powerful representatives of society. The democratic principles are no longer valid and followed, they have been replaced by the corrupt desires of the Wealthiest to become even richer.

There is an non-excludable variable from the Money giant`s equation, and that is the will of the people. The possible, yet “unimaginable” anger they may feel towards that unfair well-fare policy. After all every single person has his/her right to vote. Simple calculations show that 99% of the voting power is in the hands of the ordinary people. They could easily put an end to this preposterous tyranny.

Unfortunately a new player enters the game – that is Fear. The ultimate weapon for mass reconciliation and manipulation. But living under restriction, being scared, emotionally and sometimes physically hurt can and does lead to an eventual revolution – to redeem ones constitutional rights, to regain their security for a proper life, to fight for what is theirs to survive. Example for that behavior are the Troudi family and their neighbours from Miami, who illegally reopened a house to live in. Their heart-felt story woke up the human part in a bank and police officers and let them stay. They understand their tragedy, even a member of Congress encouraged an “open rebellion” against the mortgage eviction practices. This is the Voice of the people – loud and clear: “We want equity”.

During the new presidential election times, with the emerging of Barak Obama`s figure on the stage that voice gradually rose its pitch, become more clear, more coherent. A new strategy was demanded, a new path was desired to be walked upon, a new more justified era was required.

Due to the uncertainty of what might happen Wall street took precaution measurements represented in financial support for his campaign. But the flow of the scare-oriented propaganda, entitling Obama as a socialist did little to affect the majority of voters. They were becoming more and more interested in what way the new system would improve their lives so they have made their choices. To proceed forward and cross the border of the unknown in a faint believe for a better life.

As a conclusion
I shall add that generally, according to Moore, Capitalism has decayed the foundations of the democratically planned America and ruined the natural order it was implied to follow. Some among the many have proven to be more cunning and devious, and have found how through the art of manipulation, fear and immense power to become modern age rulers using modern-days knowledge. This has become an over-speculative game for dominance, out of which few are the winners and billion – the losers.
There is a ray of hope in the prospects of the citizens voting power. Their ability to unite against injustice and mistreatment. Realizing the power of the many shall eliminate the privileges of the few and will lead the world to a saner and fare place to live and perform our daily activities for improving even further not only our living standards but those of our successors.

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