Panic buttons to be installed in the dorm rooms in Sofia

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Panic buttons to be installed in the dorm rooms in Sofia

The dorms in Sofia’s infamous Studentski Grad (Srudent City) district might soon have panic buttons, security cameras, and security officers on the premises.

The news was reported Saturday for Darik radio by Commissar, Ani Petrova, Chief of the 7th Police Precinct at the Sofia Directorate of the Interior Ministry, SDVR.

According to her, the security patrols working at the dorms need better explanation of their rights and authority and how to react in particular situations. The police chief stressed the age of security guards is also a problem since some of them are 70-year old. Only one police patrol car is on duty overnight as well.

The Commissar further explained the police are looking for funds to purchase security cameras because the equipment is very expensive.

Each night Petrova’s precinct receives at least three alerts about various violations with the most common one being people who don’t live in the dorms wishing to enter in the middle of the night.

Sofia’s College Town is infamous for and frequently makes the news over binge drinking, fights, and prostitution rings.

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