Gender in EU funded Research

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Gender in EU funded Research

Interested in what gender-sensitive research practically means?

These one-day training sessions are intended for anybody interested in rendering research gender-sensitive: researchers, project managers, National Contact Points, expert evaluators.
The sessions will provide practical guidance on how the gender dimension can be integrated in research, using clear examples of how gender is relevant to existing FP7 projects.

Programme of the day:

– The morning is devoted to a general introduction to gender in research.
– In the afternoon, there are two parallel sessions in which two specific research fields are addressed with practical exercises (cases). When registering for training, please indicate which afternoon session you wish to attend.

Training sessions will take place at different locations across Europe, and will run till October 2010. Check this webpage for regular updates on the calendar of planned events.

Participation in a training session is FREE.

Registration is now open for the following training sessions:

Training Sofia 07.05.2010
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Central Building),
Sofia, 1040, 1,“15 November“ Str., Hall 207 & 202, Floor: 2.
Duration: 9:00 a.m. (registration) – 17.30 (Closing).
Facilitators: Katlijn Demuynck, Nathalie Wuiame
Working language: English


Approach: interactive and experience-based, short presentations as reminder of theory, practical exercises in small groups, case studies.

Registration: 9.00
Morning session: 9.30 -13.00
1. Introduction
2. Short pre-training questionnaire and expectations of participants
3. Concepts: gender/sex, gender equality, equal participation, equal opportunities, gender mainstreaming
4. Relevance and added value of gender and gender mainstreaming in EU research policy and the 7th Framework Programme (FP7)
5. Elements of gender mainstreaming in FP7
Lunch: 13.00 – 14.00
Afternoon session: 14.00 – 17.30
6. For both fields: examples of sex / gender relevance
7. A practical approach to assisting project applicants and projects teams towards gender equality in EU research projects
8. For both fields: gender issues in FP7 workprogrammes
9. Evaluation of the day.

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