ICT in Education Leaders Conference 2010

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ICT in Education Leaders Conference 2010

The first “ICT in Education Leaders Conference 2010” will take place on the 7th through the 9th of June 2010, in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

This ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education conference is hosted by the Republic of Macedonia’s Ministry of Information Society, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, and will be sponsored by Intel, and other global leaders in technology and innovation (Microsoft, N Computing).

The Primary goal of the conference is to provide a unique forum and opportunity for global and national leaders to share plans, experiences and best practices for implementing ICT in education.  The conference will provide ample opportunity for all to network, brainstorm and discuss, along with private industry experts and thought leaders, the important topics and issues facing countries around the world that are proactively deploying or planning to deploy ICT in education, and thus making the development of 21st century skills, a national priority for improving social well being and for competing in today’s global economy.

Topics for discussion include teacher preparedness, localized digital curriculum content, change management, 1-to-1 eLearning, policies favourable to ICT usage in the classroom, the pedagogical shift towards individualized learning, metrics and eAssessments, Internet connectivity, student and teacher computer platforms, school and national ICT infrastructure, new technology in education, and finally, holistic solutions for establishing successful, self-sustaining education programs.

Hopefully by the end of the conference participants will have established an enduring framework for ongoing collaboration and coordination of the  respective efforts for ICT in education.

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