BG VS UK province

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BG VS UK province

5 striking similarities between the Bulgarian and the English southwest

Observations were made around Christmas and New Year 2013. During this period, most of the immigrants are going back to their homelands and the Island remaines mostly British.

I will start with the pure linguistic side of the issue. The English countryside in no way inferiors in the race to enrich the literary language with a variety of cuts, greetings and peculiarities accents.

As urban features in smaller cities in the UK, I can say the following. No surprises: there is also a main street in it and again you get to the city park by following it, where in turn, just like a native southwest, there can be observed youth who are making up.

In terms of style, the similarity is also striking. Track in combination with sneakers is the preferred clothing for walking on the streets and even going to meetings.

Given the enormous impact of King Football on the island, you are probably already able to guess that spitting while walking is a way of self-expression among the lieges of the Queen Elizabeth.

Second – hand’ shops are based on every corner and customers are definitely not lacking. A fact that answers the question about whether the Britons are aiming at stylish clothing or just looking for something more available.

In the end I would add the following. What certainly differ between the Bulgarian and the English countryside is the fact that the movement between cities in England can be done by rail, which does not make the people tremble if they will  be abel to reach their final destination alive.


George Vyanev

Photo: personal archive

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