„Be literate“  awarded most literate citizens of Sofia

17 септември, 2015 13:52 | English | Няма коментари

More than 800 residents and guests of Sofia participated in the last edition of the campaign „Be literate“. They completed tests according to their age. There were three groups – for children, high school students and adults.

The event was on September 8, 2015. Participants were tested in front of the National Theatre „Ivan Vazov“. The organizers gave them free consultations.

“Be Literate”  is organized by educational portal Akademika BG since 2009. Its goal is to encourage the good command of Bulgarian. Participants complete a test that is examined by teachers. The winners receive prizes and the competition is reflected by the media. The game and the show elements make these events attractive for pupils from all classes.

The campaign so far have included nearly 35 000 people throughout the country – students and adults. Completed over 120 events – in schools, cultural centers and outdoors. Every year on September 8 we celebrate the International Day of Literacy.

Academica BG is web publishing company. Our most popular site is akademika.bg and there is a special category that show all the complete history of the initiative. The special Facebook page offers daily spelling cases their 60,000 friends. We are funding the campaign through sponsorship by private companies, municipalities and private voluntary work.


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